IMBCS Year End Awards to be presented this Sunday!

Thanks to our wonderful 2015 series sponsors – Scheels, LW Coaching, Bike Iowa, and Hammer Nutrition – we have awards and prizes with a value of $5300 to hand out on Sunday at the FORC Side Thrill Ride in Davenport.

The fun and all of the hard work to get to the finish line has been done.

Whether it was next to an Iowa cornfield…


Or taking on “The Hill”…

The Hill

Or battling for the hole shot…


Or receiving encouragement from family and friends as spectators…


…it’s now time for our last race of the season and to reap the benefits of all the hard work and fun.


Who is eligible for the awards and prizes?

A reminder from our 2015 Series Information states…

• Prior to 2015, only the overall winner in each age class received a year end series award. We are expanding our awards in 2015 to the top 3 finishers in each age class and division. In addition, everyone in attendance at the awards presentation ceremony on October 11th that raced in the minimum number of required events for their category will be eligible for swag prizes.

• In order for a racer to qualify for an IMBCS series award within a respective category, the participant must compete in a minimum of two IMBCS races for the Marathon Category, a minimum of four IMBCS races for the Junior and CAT III (Novice) categories, and a minimum of six IMBCS races for CAT II (Sport), COMP, and CAT I (Expert). If you participate in the minimum number of IMBCS events and you happen to DNF in one or more of them, you will still qualify to be considered for a series award at the end of the season.


According to the spreadsheet that IMBCS Series Points Coordinator Rob Cook has set up and maintained, the following 42 racers qualify as eligible racers that have met the number of minimum races for awards and prizes going into Sunday’s race…

MARATHON: Kevin Betters, Dan Roberts, Jerome Rewerts, Steve Goetzelman; Katherine Roccasecca; Maria von Ruhtenberg

CAT I: Elizabeth Van Houweling; Michael Maney, Ryan Van Houweling; Nathan Kulbom; Steven Robinson

COMP: Scott Shelman; Sean Alstott, John Peters, Bruce Brown

CAT II: Sheri Robinson; Zach Bonzer; Nicholas Eckermann; David Roll; Jamie Parkin, Jeff Reimenscheider; Rob Cook; Derek Brewer; Andre Rethman

CAT III: Ethan Jedlicka; Stephen Gaston; Anas Eltuhami; Jason Scholbrock; Chris Schmitz; Todd Hughes; Jim Hiatt; Nathan Jondle; Tim Ferry

JUNIORS: Callah Robinson; Caden Jondle; Awelu Abdalla; Devon Skyles; Colton Jondle; Awalu Abdalla-Barkso; Ashed Hamad; Halem Adams; Marwan Adbulmaged

Is that the entire list of eligible racers to snag some of the $5300 in awards and prizes?

No, it isn’t.


***The following 13 racers would also become eligible for awards and prizes if they race on Sunday…

CAT I: Katherine Roccasecca

COMP: Jordan Costello; Andy Peterson

CAT II: Lee Buell; Derek Timperly; Brett Beebe; Sterling Heise

CAT III: Karrie Gilson; Adam Bumpus; Matt Peterson; Roy Chambers

JUNIORS: Samuel Erthum; Osman Salama


What kind of awards can I expect to receive?

Again, taking a look at the Series Information


All IMBCS series winners from 2014 will receive free entry into all of the 2015 races they attend as a carryover from past IMBCS rules and policy. The Advisory Board voted that the same offer will not apply for the 2015 series winners to apply towards the 2016 season, as winners will receive prizes, awards, cash based on our 2015 capital fund raising, and sponsor donations. The exact formula of what the year end awards will exactly be at this point in time is under development based on funds available. Building a business model to finance season series awards at the end of the year is a development that we are excited to move to in an effort to remove the “tax” that race directors have been sustained in past seasons due to the free entry.

Most state series charge an annual fee to have your points tracked and to help finance the end of the year season series awards. In addition – many state series charge a $1 to $2 per racer charge at each individual race event that goes towards the financing of season awards. IMBCS does not have either in place for the 2015 season as we hope to finance our needs without doing that for 2015.

Our target goal and hope – based on fund raising and working with our 2015 sponsors – is that First Place Series Winners will receive a top award with the 2nd and 3rd Place riders receiving lesser awards. Please have patience with us during this year of transition to a sustainable business model.

IMBCS past history has included times where there was an annual fee that was charged to have your series points tracked, and times when a $2 charge per racer was levied on each race director that went to the IMBCS Coffer to be used for series awards at the end of the season. Those gave way to a much easier to maintain business model of giving free entry to all events the following season for each of the winners in their respective age class. The free entry method more or less works out to the equivalent of a $2 or more charge per racer that had previously been levied on each race director, but eliminated the need for IMBCS to become a bill collector to receive that check from each race director. That covers the methods that have been used during the history of IMBCS for the previous 12 years of existence.

This year, the Advisory Board voted to not give free entry to all of the events in 2016 for each winner. Instead, winners will receive a punch card with a set number of free entries to races in 2016 with values ranging from $65 to $192 depending on the category. This is being done in an attempt to still reward the racers, yet also lessen some of the tax burden levied on the race directors as our age classes and categories have expanded over the years. In addition, the top 3 points winners in each age class and category will receive custom designed clothing that notes their accomplishment. All other prizes will be randomly awarded via drawing of names to all eligible racers in attendance and include products from our sponsors, coaching plans, free entry punch cards, and swag. Total value of $5300!!!

Now that hard work and fun of racing is starting to sound like it was all worth it!

IMBCS – like all of our neighboring state series – has always encouraged participation in our series by providing awards at the end of the year for those that meet the minimum requirements of participation in IMBCS events.


Our current business model includes the stipulation for tax purposes that we end the year with an account balance of $0. We began the year with a donation of $120.57 raised last year at The Mullet Fall Classic to be used for establishing our IMBCS website and to help cover the cost of our domain name fees. Sponsors and donors added to that – especially our title sponsor Scheels. We are using our sponsorship and donor money to pay for the series awards, printing costs we incurred for our banners and schedules, a gift to trail organizations in Iowa (look for that upcoming announcement), and the Unsung Hero Trail Gnome awards (those will be announced at a later date) to return our balance to $0. We have had a very limited budget to work with getting things off the ground this year, and none of the 2015 Board Members listed below have received any compensation – nor have any of us had any personal expenses covered. Our work has all strictly been done on a volunteer basis.


That being said, I really hope everyone has a chance to come out and enjoy our finale this weekend at Sunderbruch Park in Davenport. FORC and race director Michael Vittetoe has been working hard at getting this rescheduled event ready for you to enjoy. Sunny and 70 on Saturday for the Time Trial, Bike Polo, Night Ride and camping. Sunny and 81 on Sunday for the Side Thrill Ride XC race as well as the IMBCS Awards.

Here is the schedule of when we will present the IMBCS Awards. Note that we will present the Swag Drawings for the eligible racers (potentially 53 racers could be on this list) at 12:15 which is between the end of the CAT II race, and before the CAT I/COMP race. So plan your warm up accordingly, and make sure your travel plans allow for you to get there early enough if you are in CAT I/COMP, and that you stay long enough if you are in JUNIOR/CAT III.


See you this weekend!

Your 2015 Board Members

Director: Bruce Brown
Advisory Board: Tom Anderson, Kevin Betters, Rick Blackford, Rob Cook, Cheryl Dralle, TJ Fort, Katherine Roccasecca, Kyle Sedore
Series Points Coordinator: Rob Cook
Website Coordinators: Katherine Roccasecca & Eric Roccasecca

Photographs in this post are by Eric Roccasecca and Broken Photography

Final Race this weekend!!!

Final Race this weekend!!!

IMBCS set a goal going into the season of reaching 1100 participant/entries for our 11 events in 2015. I thought that was a reasonable goal based on our historic numbers for previous seasons that had 10-11 events, but would also show some growth for our series. With our rescheduled upcoming event at Sunderbruch – which will complete our entire 2015 11 race series in spite of Ma Nature forcing us to get creative for many of our events – our numbers currently stand at 1028 through 10 events.

Michael Vittetoe and FORC have cooked up a great finale for our season this coming weekend in Davenport for the FORC Side Thrill Ride. If you have never ridden your mountain bike at Sunderbruch Park – this is one of Iowa’s best. A not to miss race course that many rank as their favorite in Iowa. People drive from out of state to ride this one it is so much fun. Super fun wooden berms, a wooden party deck, bridges, obstacles, climbs, descents – this course has it all and is an absolute blast to ride.
by Eric Roccasecca


by Eric Roccasecca

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IMBCS Race Director Spotlight: Bruce Brown

If you missed any of the previous Spotlights here at, it was a feature series highlighting some of the many IMBCS participants throughout the state of Iowa. One was able to get to know some of the folks involved in racing and see how they do it, why they do it, what got them started, and read some of their thoughts. The Spotlight feature series ran throughout the season and is wrapping up with the end of our 2015 season.

Today’s Spotlight promises to be a rather odd one considering I will be interviewing myself. Strange, I know. However, in case some people out there do not know who I am combined with requests by fellow IMBCS Race Directors who said they would agree to be interviewed earlier in the season by me if I would succumb to the same standard myself – here it is.

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Ewing Park Solstice Slam: Two Hour Rain Delay

After Thursday and Friday’s rains, the Solstice Slam is still scheduled for Sunday, September 20 at Ewing Park, but all races will be delayed two hours.

The crew is assembling at 4:30 p.m. today (Saturday) for final mowing and course marking. They will be inspecting the course at that time and if additional announcements need to be made, look for them after that hour here on and in our Facebook group.

Until then, plan on a two hour delay for sure.

You Can Be a Part of Awesome Trails

Do you know where awesome trails come from? We did a feature on it. They come from you!

And there are two opportunities for you to contribute this weekend…

Lake Ahquabi Trail Work
10:00 a.m.–12:00 noon

Meet at the Beach House Shelter at 10 am. All we need to do is rake and clear the remaining debris on the main loop, as well as some trimming. Bring a leaf rake and a pair of gloves. Bring your bike to ride afterwards.

Ewing Workday
1:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.

Doing course prep for the up-coming solstice slam race. We will be trimming, (some) mowing and improving some trouble spots. It shouldn’t be a hard day. Come out after racing at Banner on Saturday or after the Ahquabi work day Sun morning. We don’t like to over-schedule but the rain and condensed race schedule has us cramming 10 pounds of stuff in a 5 pound bag.

IMBCS Trail GNOME Awards

Announcing the IMBCS Unsung Hero Gnome Award!

I’m a trained professional singer. I’m used to singing a tune. Now it is time for me to sing a loud boisterous song for those that are out there getting the trails ready for IMBCS to race on for our events. If you know of somebody you would like to suggest, please submit your choice to me via email on who you think in your local area is an Unsung Hero Trail Gnome.

Do you have a Randy Aldridge, a Brian Pottorff, a Brian Sheesley, an Adam Brooks, etc… a major trail GNOME in your area that you would like to nominate? Nominations will be accepted and awards from IMBCS announced and presented at the end of the season. It doesn’t matter if the Gnome is a member of LAMBA, CITA, CVAST, FORC, ICORR or not a member of any local trail organization. Send me your nominations and a brief explanation of why you think they have earned their HERO status.

As an example, Randy Aldridge rolled up to my front door to drop off a piece of equipment this evening in the dark around 8 PM after he had just spent his entire post-work Friday evening blowing leaves off of the trail at Summerset State Park.


To help prepare it for Saturday’s race so all the racer types could enjoy clear, obstruction free singletrack. These are the type of folks that all racers in the IMBCS need to slap on the back, thank, and recognize for their hard work and efforts. IMBCS is stepping up to recognize these folks. Send me your nominations.

Mid-Season Series Report…

Greetings to all IMBCS participants, volunteers, race directors, sponsors, advisory board members, potential racers, and invited guests!

I wanted to provide some thoughts after the mid-season point with regard to how things have been going here in Iowa for mountain bike racing.

In addition, I wanted to thank everyone who has been able to come out and enjoy one of our events up to this point in the season. We all owe our thanks to each individual race director, their volunteer crews, the trail organizations, and all of the trail work gnomes for providing us the opportunity to race our mountain bikes on the trails here in Iowa.

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Seven Oaks ON! with Partial Race Delay

Here is the official word from race director, Derek Brewer, Saturday evening:

We are on for the race!! We will DELAY Cat 3 and Juniors to START AT 11:00. MARATHON: normal start at 11:00. CAT 2, COMP, and CAT 1: normal start at 1:00. I rode the whole course. We hope to use the entire course but it will depend on how some areas dry by race time. Thanks!!

Cat 3 and Juniors WAS 9:30 a.m., NOW 11:00 a.m.
Marathon was and is 11:00 a.m.
Cat 2, Comp, and Cat 1 was and is 1:00 p.m.

The Cat 3 (upper) loop will be available for pre-ride Sunday morning before the race. Availability of the full loop will be a race day decision.

Seven Oaks Race Page


Seven Oaks Race Is On Unless an Announcement Is Made Otherwise

The Seven Oaks race director, Derek Brewer, asks for our patience:

RACE IS ON UNTIL IT IS CANCELLED. Please have patience everyone. This rain stinks but we still have almost 48 hrs until race time. As of now I do not plan to make a call until EARLY Sunday, in time for those traveling a distance. That’s not great for those wanting to camp, but we also are motivated to get this race in. As other races have done we have the option of a delayed start as well. Please stay tuned. Thanks, Derek